Don't let your geyser drain your wallet


Don't let your geyser drain your wallet

What is Geyser Connect?

Say, "Goodbye!" to high electricity bills and, "Hello!" to an energy-efficient Smart Home with Geyser Connect. Designed and manufactured in South Africa, Geyser Connect is a device that retrofits to your existing electric geyser and gives you remote access via the Sensor Connect app.

Geyser connect
Geyser Connect Smartphone App

By installing Geyser Connect, you can reduce your household geyser energy consumption by up to 30%, helping you save on your monthly electricity bill. You can also reduce (or even avoid) property damage caused by burst geysers, and get real-time notifications should something go wrong. Upgrade to Geyser Connect today and enjoy the ultimate in hot-water control and peace of mind!

Geyser Connect Features

No more inconvenient manual adjustments to your geyser. Enjoy the convenience of remote access and smart scheduling, all in the palm of your hand!

Geyser Connect Smart App features
Geyser Connect Smartphone app
Control your geyser from your phone
Control your desired geyser water temperature
Monitor your geyser energy consumption
Set a schedule for your geyser to save on your bills
Geyser Connect device

Control your household geyser from anywhere with our user-friendly mobile app, making hot water available exactly when you need it!

Geyser Connect share control with family Geyser Connect share control with family
Geyser Connect real time notifications Geyser Connect real time notifications
Our insurance partners love Geyser Connect

Enjoy discounts such as reduced monthly premiums or zero excess on geyser claims when you sign up with one of our insurance partners.

Download Sensor Connect App

Our app is the link between you and your Geyser Connect.

With Sensor Connect, you can view event logs and real-time geyser data - including energy usage - and get real-time emergency notifications when it matters most.

Need help
Need help?

We want to help you! For any technical assistance and product support, please contact the Sensor Connect support team via email or phone. We're committed to ensuring your satisfaction and providing excellent service.

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Sensor Networks is a proudly South African manufacturer
Sensor Networks proprietary hardware is proudly designed, manufactured and packaged locally, with trusted third-party providers from outside the country supplying IoT devices and sensors that integrate seamlessly with our vision for South Africa's smart-home revolution.
Sensor Networks is a proudly South African manufacturer
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